September 6, 2011
  • Thank you Leslie we are happy to have you as part of our family and look forward to see you reach your goals with us!
  • Leslie M.

Van Nuys, CA         


LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! 🙂 Came in 3 weeks ago for this $3 ZUMBA deal they had going. As soon as i took the first class I was hooked. The class was at 9:15 am and yet I didn’t have an issue with getting there on time or waking up early on a Saturday because it was SO MUCH FUN! I have tried it all when it comes to weight loss. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, I had a personal trainer, I went to the gym but all this had one thing in common. IT WAS BORING and It was a drag as I was working out I just couldn’t wait to stop! With Zumba I can’t wait to go, and It doesn’t feel like a boring workout. It feels like i’m going out with my girl friends to a club or to a dance class. I love dancing and this really just hit home for me. I just did my first week (6 days a week non stop) and I didn’t get tired or bored one bit so It’s very easy to stick with.

    I love the instructors Tawny & Betzy. These ladies will make you work! By the end of the hour you will be sweating in places you didn’t even know you could sweat! LOL. The environment is awesome because no matter what level your in, they never push you beyond your capacity nor they look at you odd for not getting it in the first class. Ladies who are veterans at this won’t give you weird looks either instead, they will motivate you to keep going! Which I love because It makes me feel like i’m part of a family when someone succeeds we all succeed.

    The Owner Yolanda is very nice. She’s not a corporate owner and doesn’t treat you like just another membership number on her list. She knows you for you which makes a difference when your trying to get fit. It’s very much a family run place which makes it good for families.

I cannot stop talking about this ZUMBA class and I tell everyone I can to take it at least just once. The classes are only $10 (which is about as much as you spend for lunch at fast food places anyways)  and they have classes in the morning and evening  so it’s very easy to find a class that will work for you so you can go in and just give it a try. They also have a large variety of classes to choose form in case you wanna mix it up.

Overall I love the gym, the classes, and the people. Cannot wait to see results!